pseudoscorpions - apology

GB:'X0B$4fAB92GB5 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed Oct 4 03:34:25 CDT 1995

Dear Margaret and others,

I humbly apologize about sending the message - pseudoscorpions, I am using
CompuServe and when I browsed old messages I accidently push button "send " (I
missed button "delete") and when you sent you cannot take it back.


Vratislav Richard Bejsak
Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae of World
Konevova 1658/110
130 00 Prague 3 Zizkov
voice: (42+2) 270 849
fax  : (41+2) 311 6545
email: 76711,1261 at
(I am from Australia, this address is for one or two years)

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