Bad Examples (ad naseum)

Lawrence Kirkendall Lawrence.Kirkendall at ZOO.UIB.NO
Wed Oct 11 18:35:10 CDT 1995

>> I have another
>> request for bad examples ---I'd like to be able to give
>> students some really outrageously bad examples of species
>> description,

>Folks, please.  Don't fill Taxacom with more examples of how not to do
>science.  <SNIP>
>don't reply to the list as a whole.

Gee Julian,
You are such a killjoy!
One of the highlights of my Costa Rica research summer was the daily dose
of hapless key couplets, climaxing with the birds that sing their own names
(though we never found out in which language).  To this day, ticos are
probably discussing that crazy gringo they saw laughing at a computer
terminal every morning...

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