How Much Can We Charge For Our Collections

Lynn Kimsey bohart at UCDAVIS.EDU
Mon Oct 16 11:22:01 CDT 1995

>4 plankton samples obtained from Cape Barren Is $A2000 in helicopter
        time (research grant), and 2 hrs of my time ..$270 ($567.50/sample)
         Now the client only wants one animal, maybe a couple, say we get 10,000
         in the sample - 0.06c for one animal, 0.12c for two, and $135 for
the hour that
        it took me to resolve how many were in there
>Russ in Oz
>Calling for reason
>in a bean-beleaguered world

You mean to tell me that you think its OK, or even reasonable, for you to
spend this much time and money (from someone) to get something like
this (two specimens!) for someone without reimbursement!?? Boy, its
no wonder no one values what we do...

Lynn Kimsey
Bohart Museum of Entomology
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