Vietnam Odonata and Phasmatodea

McKamey, Stuart H. {ZMUC} shmckamey at ZMUC.KU.DK
Mon Oct 16 22:16:00 CDT 1995

The following is a letter from someone legally collecting in Vietnam (with
the British expedition/research group FRONTIER).

>> I would be interested in ANYTHING you can get on phasmids and
dragonflies, particularly with reference to SE Asia. I have been
collecting stick insects at Ba Na, there were loads of species but I
don't know where to start with identification. Quite a few people
seemed to be interested in the dragonflies, but again we have nothing
to even start identification. I have had problems with my stick insects
going mouldy(!) What can I do about this? All I can think of is putting
them in alcohol in future (I have been attempting to store them dry). I
haven't had any such probs with the butterflies, I guess because there is
less meat on them. Is there any way of rescuing mouldy insect specimens? I
would really like to bring them back to the UK and have a good look at them
(unless you know any stick insect experts who could have a look at them
for me)...

Mike H.   <<

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