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Richard A. Humber rah3 at CORNELL.EDU
Fri Oct 20 08:12:18 CDT 1995

Yesterday, Linda Stathoplos inquired about the Ellobiopsidae:

        I'm processing a dataset of plankton samples from the Indian
        Ocean that has a taxon called Ellobiopsidae. I don't know
        what this is. Is it (possibly) a variant spelling of the
        Gastropod family Ellobiidae? Any clues would be greatly
        appreciated. (None of my general books on plankton taxa have
        any clues.)

I believe that you will find the Ellobiopsidae to be a family of unarmored

Even though I am a mycologist by training and inclination, I have always thought
that dinoflagellates are among the strangest and neatest organisms going.
It is always nice to have the chance to urge anybody to raise their
awareness of them!

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