Holy War?

Michael.Chamberland 23274MJC at MSU.EDU
Mon Oct 23 20:39:00 CDT 1995

> Jim Beach recently wrote:
> > Is it time for taxonomists to launch a holy-war to regain mastery of
> > taxon, node and classification knowledge dissemination?  Will other
> > communities find ways to live without authoritative names *and
> > taxonomic authorities* for organisms if the taxonomic communities
> > don't swarm all over this electronic challenge, now?
> Such a system would be relatively easy to create, but we are
> wondering if plant taxonomists would actually use this type of
> system if it was available, either as a 'standardized' taxonomic
> structure or center for discussion/debate regarding 'accepted'
> taxonomic treatment for national/regional floras?
> Hugh D. Wilson

My guess is many taxonomists would be slow to use it, but give them time...
I think the system would be a big hit with the general public, botanical
gardens, plant sellers, and specialty plant hobbyists.  These people often
feel they are at the mercy of fickle taxonomist who change plant names
for a living.  You should hear them rip and rail about taxonomists on
their newsgroups!!!  If anything it would be good PR, and we could certainly
use more of that.

Michael Chamberland
Michigan State University

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