Language of description

Marcus Kit Petz MPETZ at FS2.SCG.MAN.AC.UK
Tue Oct 24 16:09:45 CDT 1995

You want the language to be in German, Latin or English. You will then
have the same problem found in the EEC where the meaning of the word
Federation has such ambiguity in translation.

What is needed is a BASEWORD (BAsic Standard English WORld  Dialect)
which everyone must use.  Why English - because it is at the monment
simply the best language. Most widely spoken if 2nd language use is
included. Analytical and written in a widey used orthography which
transfers easily to computer. It is not perfect(it still lives) but is the best
we've got.
If a man marches to a different beat perhaps he hears a different drummer.

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