Myxomycete International Congress

Francisco Pando Pando at MA-RJB.CSIC.ES
Thu Oct 26 12:28:53 CDT 1995


            Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC. Madrid, Spain
                     15th to 19th April 1996
                        SECOND CIRCULAR

Organized by: Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC
with the collaboration of The American School of Madrid,
DGICYT, Sociedad Micologica de Madrid

For registration forms:
Dr C. Lado
Real Jardin Botanico, CSIC
Pza. de Murillo, 2
E-28014 Madrid
Fax: +34-1-4200157
E-mail: lado at

For all other correspondence:
Ms D. Basanta
The American School of Madrid
Apdo. 80
E-28080 Madrid
Tel.: +34-1-3572154
Fax: +34-1-3572678
E-mail: SPAO130 at Applelink.Apple.COM


The Congress consists of a plenary lecture, four major
sessions, three workshops and sessions for offered papers and
posters. The following is a provisional list of contributions

Plenary Lecture
-Biosystematics of Myxomycetes: A Futuristic View. (Prof. H. W.
Keller, Botanical Research Institute of Texas, USA).

Systematics  session
-DELTA applied to the systematics of Licea (Dr. F. Pando, Real
Jardin Botanico, Madrid, SPAIN).
-Mating systems of Myxomycetes (Dr. J. Clark, University of
Kentucky, USA).

Ecology and Distribution of Myxomycetes session
-The phytosociology of Myxomycetes (Dr. B. Ing, Chester
-Ecology of the nivicolous Myxomycetes (Ms. M. Meyer, Maison
Forestiere de Rognaix, FRANCE).
-The Myxomycetes as a part of a National Flora project (Dr. C.
Lado, Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, SPAIN).
-Distribution and Ecology of Myxomycetes on subantarctic
Macquarie Island (Dr. S.L. Stephenson, Fairmont State College,
Virginia, USA).
-Myxomycete biota of Hawaii with aspects on distribution
patterns on isolated archipielagos (Prof. U. Eliasson,
Botanical Museum of Goteborg, SWEDEN).
-Present knowledge of the Myxomycetes from Japan (Y. Yamamoto,
Ohtsu-Ko, JAPAN)
-Myxomycetes of Boreal Woodlands in Northern Karelia (Dr. Y.
Novozhilov, Botanical Institute of Russia, St. Petersburg,

Cellular slime molds session
-Intraspecific mixed cultures in Dictyostelids (Dr. H.
Hagiwara, National Science Museum, JAPAN).
-Relationships between Protostelids and Myxomycetes (Dr. F.W.
Spiegel, Arkansas University, USA).
-Dictyostelidos de Misiones (Argentina) (Dr. E. Vadell, Buenos

Tropical Myxomycetes session
-Present knowledge of the Myxomycetes from the Neotropics
(Prof. G. Gottsberger, Universit Ulm. GERMANY).
-Myxomycetes of Tanzania (Dra. M. Harkonen, University of
Helsinki, FINLAND).
-Conocimiento actual de los Myxomycetes en Mexico (Dr. A.
Estrada, Universidad de Tlaxcala, MEXICO).
-Present knowledge of the Brazilian Myxomycetes (Dra. L.H.
Cavalcanti, Universidad de Pernambuco, BRAZIL).
-Myxomycetes de Baja California (Dr. C. Illana, Universidad de
Alcala de Henares, SPAIN).

Workshop presentations
-The genus Dianema. Principal species delimiting characters as
revealed by SEM (Dr. L. Frederick, Howard University, USA).
-Ultrastructural investigation of Cribraria argillacea (Dr. R.
McHugh, Wicklow, IRELAND).
-Morphological studies on the genus Didymium (Dr. J. Matsumoto,
University of Hiroshima, JAPAN).
-How to generate computer keys of myxomycetes (Dr. D. Mitchell,
-Computers as tools for Myxomycete studies. Herbarium (Dr. F.
Pando, Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid. SPAIN).
-Present knowledge of the Myxomycetes from Central Africa (Dr.
J. Rammeloo, National Botanical Garden, BELGIUM).
-Contribution to Indian Myxomycetes (Dr. R.K. Chopra, Govt.
College Himachal Pradesh, INDIA).

Please complete the enclosed registration form and return it to
the registration address, as soon as possible, but not later
than 1 February 1996. On arrival registrants should report to
the Registration Desk at the Real Jardin Botanico (Pabellon
Villanueva), access by Claudio Moyano St., 2, on Monday 15th
April between 16.00 hrs and 19.00 hrs.

The registration fee for the Congress is 25,000 pesetas. Fees
received after 1st February 1996 will be increased to 30,000
pesetas. For students, the fee is 10,000 pesetas, if the
registration is accompanied by a letter of introduction from
their university. In case of cancellation, participants must
inform the organizing committee. A full refund of the
registration fee is made to any participant cancelling before
1st March 1996. Cancellations received after that date will
incur a handling fee of 5,000 pesetas. No refunds will be made
after 1st April 1996.

Entitlement of registrants
Registrants to the Congress are entitled to attend the opening
and closing ceremonies and all sessions of the Congress. The
fee also includes the coffee and tea during the Congress, the
Congress excursion and receptions. The costs of accommodation
and meals are not included. At the beginning of the Congress
each participant will receive a copy of the abstracts volume,
details of Congress excursion sites with species lists, and a
list of participants.

The Organizing Committee has made arrangements to get special
prices for participants to the ICSEM2 in several hotels, most
of them close to Real Jardin Botanico. A list of hotels,
categories, special prices will be provided on request.


The official conference languages are English and Spanish. All
contributions must be submitted in one of these languages.

All abstracts must be submitted not later than 1 March 1996 to
the Organizing Committee, Real Jardin Botanico, Plaza de
Murillo, 2. E-28014 Madrid to be included in the Abstract
Volume. Abstacts forms are provided on request.

There are no plans to publish a symposium volume after the

Those wishing to present a poster must indicate the title on
the registration form, and submit an abstract in the format
described above. Posters must not exceed 110 x 85 cm.

Practical information
The Library and Herbarium facilities of the Real Jardin
Botanico will be available for participants during the meeting.
In April Madrid has a mild climate, with rapidly changing
weather. Average day temperatures in the middle of April are
around 18 C. As showers and occasional cold spells can occur at
any time, it is advisable to bring a raincoat and warm sweater.
If you intend to arrive on Sunday 14 April, please remember
that banks and shops, except at the airport, are closed.

Travel Information
Local travel information will be sent to registrants, together
with final details, before the Congress.

************Registration form (1 per participant)**************


Please type or  write in CAPITALS and email, airmail or fax before
February 1st, 1996

Name______________________ Surname________________ Title__

Postal code_______________      Country__________________

Registration fee of 25,000 pesetas (10,000 for students) to be
sent by bank transfer to:

account: Sociedad Micologica de Madrid. II Congreso
a/c. n. 02001244.36 held by the Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de
Paseo del Prado, 22. E-28014 Madrid
Bank code: 2100.   Branch code: 2254.      Swift code: CAIXESMM

Participants must send a xerox copy of the bank order.

(__) I plan to present a POSTER/COMPUTER DEMONSTRATION  (please,
delete as appropriate) and I will send the abstract before 1 March 1996.
Provisional title or topic:


(__) Please, send me an abstract form.

(__) I am a student and enclose a letter from my university

I require the following Audio-visual aids:
35mm slide projector ___  Overhead projector ____ Computer___

For computers demonstration, please, specify what hardware you
Other (please specify)________________________________________

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