Latin diagnoses

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Fri Oct 27 09:26:44 CDT 1995

At 12:53 PM 10/27/95 +0800, Nicholas S. Lander wrote:
>think it was Jim Croft (ANBG) who suggested quite some time ago that each
>and every taxon might have its own Internet address.  Perhaps the latter
>could be made the formal (ie scientific) name, and Latin names (or those in
>other languages, dead or alive) would be come rather like colloquial names
>are now.

"I'm sorry, but budget cuts force us to close down; you'll
have to move your stuff to a commercial provider,
Unfortunately, they are only running version 1.5a of the nameserver program,
so your taxon will now be"

At that point, one might almost hope that "Internet" would become a dead

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