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Fri Oct 27 16:40:18 CDT 1995

We are pleased to announce our new World-Wide Web document
entitled "Neogene Marine Fossils of Tropical America"
( Images and taxonomic
information are currently available for hermatypic corals,
gastropods, and ostracodes collected as part of: (1) the Panama
Paleontology Project, coordinated by Anthony Coates and
Jeremy Jackson of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
in Panama, and (2) the Dominican Republic Project, coordinated
by Peter Jung and John Saunders of the Natural History
Museum in Basel, Switzerland. Users may click on names or images
of taxa to receive information on authorship, synonyms,
morphology, type specimens, and distribution. Alternatively
they may click on maps and stratigraphic columns to receive
faunal lists for specific horizons. From these lists,
users may click on species names to return to conventional taxonomic
information. A simple image-based search routine is under
development to assist in identifying Neogene Caribbean hermatypic
coral genera.

We will demonstrate the document at the Software
Fair at the 1995 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of
America in New Orleans on Monday morning (Nov 6) and Thursday
morning (Nov 9). Please come.

Ann Budd, University of Iowa
Helena Fortunato, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
C. T. Foster, Jr., University of Iowa
Rebecca Petersen, University of Iowa

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