Graduate Fellowships in Hawaii (fwd)

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Tue Oct 31 19:39:07 CST 1995

        The University of Hawaii announces the availability of
more graduate fellowships in Ecology, Evolution &
Conservation Biology (EECB), from NSF, the MacArthur
Foundation and the East West Center. The EECB Graduate
Program is designed to provide the interdisciplinary,
conceptual and technical diversity required for comprehensive
training in ecology, evolution and/or conservation biology. We
encourage interested students to write as soon as possible for
an application package, to Kenneth Kaneshiro (Chair) or
Rosemary Gillespie (Vice Chair), Ecology Evolution and
Conservation Biology Program, University of Hawaii, 3050
Maile Way, Gilmore 409, Honolulu, HI 96822. The packet will
include an application form, a description of the EECB
program, a list of the research areas of faculty participants, and
eligibility information. During the preparation of their
application, students are strongly encouraged to make direct
contact with an EECB faculty member whose interests might
overlap their own. Deadline: Feb. 1 1996; assistantships
commence August 1996. A list of the EECB faculty and
their interests is attached.


        Rosemary Gillespie, Vice Chair
        Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Biology Program
        email: gillespi at Hawaii.Edu

Faculty at the University of Hawaii
Abbott, Isabella A. -- Hawaiian Ethnobotany and Algal Systematics
Arita-Tsutsumi, Lorna -- Behavioral Ecology of Insects
Cann, Rebecca L. -- Molecular Evolution.
Carr, Gerald D. -- Plant Biosystematics, Cytogenetics and Speciation.
Carson, Hampton L. -- Evolutionary Genetics.
Conant, Sheila -- Ecology and Conservation Biology of Birds.
De Couet, H. Gert -- Developmental and Evolutionary Genetics.
Fownes, James H. -- Forest Ecology.
Freed, Leonard A. -- Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology of Birds.
Gillespie, Rosemary G. -- Evolution and Conservation Arthropods.
Goldstein, Guillermo H. -- Physiological and Terrestrial Plant Ecology
Grace, J.Kenneth -- Behavioral/ Chemical Ecology of Insects
Hadfield, Michael G. -- Evolution of Hawaiian Land Snails
Haymer, David A. -- Molecular Evolution.
Hunt, John A. -- Molecular Evolution.
Jones, Vincent P. -- Insect Population Ecology.
Kaneshiro, Kenneth Y. -- Sexual Selection and Speciation.
Kay, E. Alison -- Systematics of Marine Molluscs
Keeley, Sterling -- Plant Molecular Systematics and Evolution.
Kinzie, Robert A. -- Coral Reef Biology and Marine Ecology.
Lamoureux, Charles H. -- Tropical Forest Ecology
Lyttle, Terrence W. -- Population Genetics, Chromosome Evolution
Messing, Russell H. -- Ecology and Biocontrol of Insects
Morden, Clifford W. -- Molecular Systematics & Evolution of Plants
Mueller-Dombois, Dieter -- Island Ecosystems Ecology.
Palumbi, Stephen R. -- Organismal and Molecular Evolution.
Parrish, James D. -- Ecology of Aquatic Communities, Fisheries
Phillips, Victor D. III -- -- Forest Biology
Roderick, George K. -- Population Biology and Genetics of Insects
Smith, Celia M. -- Physiological Ecology of Marine Macrophytes
Smith, Clifford W. -- Lichen Systematics, Nat. Res. Management.
Sponsel, Leslie E. -- Human Ecology in Tropical Forests
Stimson, John -- Population Ecology
Tabashnik, Bruce E. -- Ecology and Evolution of Insect Populations
Taylor, Andrew D. -- Population Ecology
Womersley, Christopher Z. -- Invertebrate Physiology

Faculty at the Bishop Museum
Allison, Alan-- Systematics and Population Biology
Cowie, Robert H. -- Evolutionary Biology of Land & FW Snails
Evenhuis, Neal L. -- Systematics and Evolution of Diptera.
Howarth, Francis G. -- Evolutionary Biology & Insect Conservation.
Miller, Scott E. -- Systematics and Biogeography of Lepidoptera.

Faculty at the East West Center
Maragos, James -- Conservation Biology in the Pacific

Faculty at the National Biological Service
Fancy, Steven G -- Conservation Biology of Hawaiian Forest Birds
Asquith, Adam -- Insect Systematics and Conservation

Faculty at the US Department of Agriculture
Tobin, Mark E. -- Resource Management and Conservation

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