Brazilian Mutillidae

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Fri Oct 13 04:17:27 CDT 1995

Dear Taxacomists,

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to examine any female mutillids
taken at or near Rondonia, Brazil. I am trying to characterize what I believe
is a Batesian mimicry complex involving several spp. of Brazilian clerids
mimicking one or more mutillids.

I can promise a quick return of any specimens loaned to me; they can be sent
to me either directly or via the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
(900 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90007 USA)

Please respond directly to me by E-Mail. I would appreciate any leads or
information on either private or institutional collections that contain these
buggers from this location.

Many thanks in advance,

Jacques Rifkind
11322 Camarillo St. #304
N. Hollywood, CA 91602 USA
Fax (818) 505-1199

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