How Much Can We Charge For Our Collections

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K. Mat Salleh wants to start a discussion on selling duplicates to other

My first reaction: you cannot do that! Science is pure.
Specimens are the property of humanity. Scientists are not supposed to make
money. Images of Louis Pasteur burning his furniture to invent radium, blah,
blah, blah.

Second reaction: Now, wait a minute! "They" (whoever "they" are;
rightist government usually) are cutting science budgets, labs are being
closed, positions are being cut. Let's make "them" suffer and charge them for
whatever it is we are producing, even if it's only dead bugs. (or

Third reaction: well, but that's playing their game. If we go that
way, we may end up only doing sellable science.

Forth reaction: And what's
wrong with that? It's only a job after all.

Fifth reaction: you know it ain't
true. You enjoy doing research for the fun of it. You would do research even
if you had to burn your furniture.

Sixth reaction: go back to square one.

hope this answers your question.

Renaud Fortuner

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