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Mark K. Stowe mks at ZOO.UFL.EDU
Mon Oct 16 08:49:57 CDT 1995

(Apologies for cross-posting)

As a post script on a previous posting on supertag:  The address of the
home page of AutoID News is (different from their first announcement):

This flawed but useful trade journal has lots of ads and blurbs that are
useful to inventory types (bar codes plus every other technology).  The
Oct. issue has lots of leads on label printers that produce labels that are
waterproof, weatherproof, chemical resistant and/or able to withstand very
high temperatures - no idea how practical/economical they'd be for
collections but they sound like they ought to be archival in EtOH.  You can
pay 7$ to get just a single current issue ($13 for back issue) - 800 346

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