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Gary Noonan carabid at MPM1.MPM.EDU
Mon Oct 16 09:10:20 CDT 1995

 Peter Rauch  wrote
>Thus, all the replies you see on Taxacom are due to a conscious, explicit
>effort on the part of the person replying to direct that reply to Taxacom.

        Actually, this depends on the mail system being used by the person
who replies. For example, I told Eudora (my mail system) to reply and it
automatically included Taxacom. A different setting in Eudora would change
this, but the different setting would do other things I don't like. Usually
when I reply to thread, I want the reply to go to the list.
         Eudora sorts my mail into mailboxes based on the sender. Even on
busy days it takes less than 10 minutes to go through all my mail (including
that from other mail servers) because messages can be deleted in blocks.
         The point is that we can't assume much of anything about the
mechanics of how messages get to Taxacom--readers use a wide variety of mail

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