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Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Oct 16 12:07:42 CDT 1995

Several people have posted either to Taxacom or to me personally suggesting
basically the same idea as "carabid" below --that it is NOT necessarily
the conscious, explicit effort of the part of the person replying to
direct that reply to Taxacom, but that it is somehow the "fault" of
their mailer.

(And, lets not quibble over "conscious, explicit". It doesn't matter
whether you actually typed in the words or if your mailer copied in
the words, YOU controlled the command that directed the mail program
to REPLY.)

OK. There probably _are_ people out there who do not KNOW to whom they
are replying! No software can help them.

One more time, Taxacom sends you the information; if your software doesn't
even show it to you, and worse, if your program doesn't show you to whom
you are replying, then your software needs help! Taxacom can't help.

This is definitely, positively, the last word I will say on this topic,
I promise.

>From carabid at Mon Oct 16 07:10:38 1995

> Peter Rauch  wrote
>>Thus, all the replies you see on Taxacom are due to a conscious, explicit
>>effort on the part of the person replying to direct that reply to Taxacom.

carabid replied, among other things:
>        Actually, this depends on the mail system being used by the person
>who replies.

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