e-mail address of Dr. Evert Lindquist - acarologist

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Tue Oct 17 19:33:15 CDT 1995

On 17 October, Jorge Santiago-Blay wrote:

> Can somebody share with me the current e-mail and/or FAX, and/or
> professional address of Dr. Evert Lindquist. He is a very well known
> acarologist. The e-mail Lindquiste at ncccot.a does not seem to be
> current (and/or correct).  Thanks.

I do not know for sure Evert Lindquist's current e-mail address, but I
would suppose that it could well be:  lindquist at ncccot2.agr.ca

This assumes that he is still associated with the Agriculture Canada
unit with which he worked for the greater part of his professional

If this address does not work, let me know and I will check on fax and
snail-mail addresses (?Centre for Land and Biological Resources
Research, Central Experimental Farm, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, K1A 0C6

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