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This is the URL for "Muskoka Flora - An Annotated Checklist," a Web
database of vascular plants from Muskoka District, Ontario, Canada that
was developed by the Botany Department of the Royal Ontario Museum
(ROM) in collaboration with the University of Toronto Library.  Although at
present text, distribution maps, and color illustrations are available for only
eight species, this number will grow as author James P. Goltz develops new
text, and the ROM Botany Department updates the online database - with
not only this new text but also illustrations from its image collection, and
distribution maps based on specimens in its Vascular Plant Herbarium (TRT).
In addition to information about Muskoka plants, the Web page also provides
explanations of taxonomic terminology, as well as an introduction to the
Vascular Plant Herbarium and the Botany Department of the ROM.

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