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                 Publication of the new, fully revised

      *                    CULTIVATED PLANTS                    *

                    (ICNCP or Cultivated Plant Code)

      Trehane, P., Brickell, C.D., Baum, B.R., Hetterscheid, W.L.A.,
     Leslie, A.C., McNeill, J., Spongberg, S.A., Vrugtman, F. (ed.);
  The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants - 1995
       (ICNCP or Cultivated Plant Code), Quarterjack Publishing,
                    Wimborne, UK. ISBN: 0 948117 01 X

     This completely revised and up-dated 6th edition (the last being
     issued in 1980) is the international rule-book for the accurate
        naming of agricultural, forestry and horticultural plants.

      The Rules are drawn up by the International Commission for the
     Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants, a body acting under the aegis
        of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).

      These Rules are divided into Articles, Recommendations and Notes
     which define the basic categories of cultivated plants and how to
                     form and stabilize their names.

       A number of appendices, including directories of registration
        authorities, a quick-guide to forming new names, a list of
      existing check-lists and registers and an extensive glossary,
       make this edition a totally indispensable reference work for
       all those dealing with the proper names of cultivated plants.

                          An essential tool for:

             Plantsmen * The Nursery Trade * Raisers of New Plants
                             Keen gardeners
                      Authors * Journalists * Editors
                 Compilers of plant lists and directories
              Governmental bodies * Registration authorities

  Publication details:

  Size: 240 x 163 mm
  Cover: paperback, laminated
  Extent: 192 pages
  ISBN: 0 948117 01 X
  Publication date: 21st November, 1995
  Price: 18.50 UK Pounds


  Foreword                                                         vii
  Membership of the International Commission for
                 the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants              ix
  Preface                                                           xi
  Comparison between the 1980 Code and this edition                xiv
  Important dates in this Code                                     xvi

  PREAMBLE                                                           1

DIVISION I: PRINCIPLES                                               3
DIVISION II: RULES AND RECOMMENDATIONS                               6

Chapter I: General provisions                                        6
  Article 1: Relationship with the International
                         Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN)       6

Chapter II: Definitions                                              6
  Article 2: The cultivar                                            9
  Article 3: Selections and maintenances                            10
  Article 4: The cultivar-group                                     10
  Article 5: The graft-chimaera                                     12
  Article 6: Denomination classes                                   12
  Article 7: International Registration Authorities                 13
  Article 8: Publication                                            14
  Article 9: Establishment                                          14
  Article 10: Accepted epithets                                     14
  Article 11: Trade designations                                    15
  Article 12: Standards                                             15

Chapter III: Limitation of the principle of precedence              16
  Article 13: Starting points in nomenclature                       16
  Article 14: Conservation and retention of cultivar epithets       16
  Article 15: Precedence in cultivar-group epithets                 17

Chapter IV: Nomenclature of taxa of cultivated plants               18
  Article 16: Names of wild plants brought into cultivation         18
  Article 17: Names and epithets of cultivars                       19
  Article 18: Designations of selections and maintenances           24
  Article 19: Names and epithets of cultivar-groups                 24
  Article 20: Names and epithets of graft-chimaeras                 26

Chapter V: Effective and valid publication                          27
  Article 21: Conditions of publication                             27
  Article 22: Conditions of establishment                           28
  Article 23: Date of publication and establishment                 30
  Article 24: Citation of authors' names                            30

Chapter VI: Choice, re-use and rejection of epithets                31
  Article 25: Choice of epithets                                    31
  Article 26: Re-use of epithets                                    32
  Article 27: Rejection of epithets and names                       33

Chapter VII: Translation and transliteration                        33
  Article 28: Translation and transliteration of epithets           33

Chapter VIII: Orthography, gender and typography                    34
  Article 29: Orthography of epithets                               34
  Article 30: Gender of names and epithets                          36
  Article 31: Typography of names and epithets                      37

Chapter IX: Standards                                               37
  Article 32: Designation of Standards                              37


Appendix I:     Notes for International Registration
                                                     Authorities    41
Appendix II:    Directory of International Registration
                                                     Authorities    46
Appendix III:   Directory of statutory plant registration
                                                     authorities    61
Appendix IV:    List of denomination classes                        66
Appendix V:     List of conserved epithets                          69
Appendix VI:    Herbaria maintaining Standards                      70
Appendix VII:   The nomenclatural filter                            74
Appendix VIII:  Quick guide for new cultivar names                  80
Appendix IX:    Latin names of plants                               84
Appendix X:     Flow chart of nomenclatural bodies and processes    88
Appendix XI:    Checklists of ornamental cultivars                  89
Appendix XII:   Glossary                                           141

Index to Scientific names                                          163
Subject Index                                                      167

                       PUBLICATION: 21 NOVEMBER, 1995

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