Electronics vs. Paper

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Registration of botanical names was put into the Tokyo ICBN effective 1
January 2000.  The only way that it could be passed was with the
condition that the idea be voted on a second time at the next Int. Bot.
Congress in St. Louis.  Those in favor of this should be looking ahead to
St. Louis and be ready to support the idea and vote for it again.

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On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Finn N. Rasmussen wrote:

> Many new species are published in obscure and inaccessible journals.
> It has often been suggested (at least in Botany) that there should be
> just ONE journal for official publishing of new taxa and names.  This
> would perhaps be too difficult to handle  in practize, but what
> about ONE official mandatory database with descriptions, specimen
> citations and perhaps also illustrations and due references to the
> officially valid paper-publication?
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