Plant Systematics Research in Australasia

Chris Puttock C.Puttock at PICAN.PI.CSIRO.AU
Fri Oct 27 16:26:03 CDT 1995

Plant Systematics Research in Australasia, 6th Edition 1996

A new edition of Plant Systematics Research in Australasia is being
compiled.  The scope will remain as defined in the previous edition,
focusing on the flora of Australia and its territories.  Contributions
relating to taxonomic research on the floras of Australia's neighbours are
also invited.  An electronically searchable version of the fifth edition is
now available on the Internet at  The
structure of the database is currently being altered to enable updating of
entries electronically.  This will be available at the above URL address in

Until this database is fully interactive on the Internet, and because of the
large number of researchers currently without Internet access, it is
necessary to prepare the next edition using hardcopy questionnaires.
Questionnaires will be sent out to all contributors to the fifth edition
early next week.

If your area of research is encompassed by the area described above, were
not included in the previous edition, and would like to be included  in the
next edition, please send an email to kirsten at

The closing date for all new entries and amendments is the 31st December 1995.

A hard copy of the database will be published in a similar format to the
previous edition, as well being available on the Internet. There remain a
limited number of copies of the fifth edition of Plant Systematics Research
in Australasia, now available at a discounted price of AU$10 each.

Dr CF Puttock & Mrs KJ Cowley (editors)

Dr Christopher F Puttock  (Plant Systematist, ASBS Secretary)
Australian National Herbarium, CSIRO Division of Plant Industry
GPO Box 1600 Canberra 2601 ACT  Australia
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