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Albertine Ellis wrote on 27 Oct. 95, about the use of Latin in descriptios:
>Of course it will take some time and effort but it is not an unsurmountable

That's it. I think the real reason behind this "critique" of the use of
Latin are not very much related to the real effort necessary to the use of
Latin in descriptions, but are, let's say, more "political":)

What I mean by "political" is the fact that English speakers, presently
feel to be (and actually are) in a stronger position than native speakers
of other languages, and try to take advantage of it pushing the use of
English (which is understandable).

As I said, if we agree on Latin, it will not take that much to learn the
very basic we need. Of course, it will never be as easy as using our own
mother tongue! But has the advantage to put all of us on a -- more or less
-- similar level.


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