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Graduate Research Assistantships in


Two PhD graduate research assistantships are available for
systematic research on tortricine moths. The positions are
in the Essig Museum of Entomology and the Insect Molecular
Systematics Laboratory at the University of California at
Berkeley. Funding is provided by NSF-PEET, and is intended
to enhance expertise in systematics at a time when numbers
of taxonomists are declining and yet biodiversity issues are
more important than ever before.

Graduate programs are flexible and are intended to develop
strong skills using morphological characters, molecular
methods and database management. Research on tortricids will
be relevant to biodiversity and conservation issues in the
Neotropics, and these moths also include many pests of worldwide
importance in forestry and agriculture.

Graduate student programs may begin August 1996. Graduate
support starts at approx. $13,400./year, with separate tuition
waiver (including out-of-state). Students must meet requirements
for admission to graduate studies at the University of California,
Berkeley (including GREs). The tenure of assistantships is up to
five years subject to individual performance and program progress.

To apply, please obtain application information and forms from
the graduate student office below, and return the completed forms
to the same address. Please apply by December 15, 1995.

        Graduate Student Services Office
        Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy and Management
        145 Mulford Hall
        University of California at Berkeley
        Berkeley,  CA  94720

In addition, please contact us at the address below. Send us
your CV, a cover letter with a statement of interests and
career plans, and the names, phone numbers and addresses
(including email, if possible) of references.

Felix Sperling            or    Jerry Powell
sperling at    powellj at

Dept. Environmental Science, Policy and Management
201 Wellman Hall
University of California
Berkeley, California  94720     U.S.A.

fax    510-642-7428

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