Gender of Anigozanthos -Reply

Harilaos Lessios STRI01.NAOS.LESSIOSH at IC.SI.EDU
Sun Oct 29 20:50:55 CST 1995

The genitve of "to anthos" is "tou anthous".  "Ta anthi" is the
plural nominitive (plural genetive "ton antheon").  Ask any

Harilaos Angelou Lessios
(one of the above)

>>> Murray Fletcher <fletchm at AGRIC.NSW.GOV.AU>
10/24/95 09:40pm >>>
Dear Taxacomers,

The following request is posted on behalf of Michael Priest,
Curator of the Mycological Herbarium at BCRI Rydalmere

In ascribing a new fungus occurring on the genus
Anigozanthos [Haemodoraceae]
I have a problem with the correct genitive singular ending.
The root,
"anthos", is Greek and neuter. The copout is to treat it as
masculine and use "-oris" or "-eris" (as in corpus or genus). If
one sticks to the neuter, is the ending simply "-i"? I look
forward to opinions from the classical scholars amongst us.

With thanks
Michael Priest
NSW Agriculture
BCRI Rydalmere (pro tem)

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