New WWW server

Jose Maria Becerra MCNJM14 at CC.CSIC.ES
Wed Oct 4 16:51:05 CDT 1995

Dear netters,
        we want to announce the WWW Taxonomic Tools by Computer server
at the address:

Some of the services and information available in that page are:

- DIRTAX (DIRectory of spanish TAXonomists), searchable by a WAIS
- DELTA in Spanish (docs by the moment) and some related tools (Edel
and more).
- Some programs for image analysis and educational purposes.

:ou can send any comment on this WWW page to
        internet at

Thank you very much for your attention

Antonio G.-Valdecasas
Elisa Bello
Jose M. Becerra
Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (Madrid - Spain)

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