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The International Canopy Network (ICAN) exists to facilitate
communication among individuals and institutions concerned with research,
education, and conservation of organisms and interactions in forest
canopies. ICAN brings together activities formerly carried out by the
Canopy Research Network, which facilitated communication among canopy
researchers, and The Canopy Institute, a nonprofit organization promoting
conservation through interpretation of canopy research to
non-scientists. Uniting these two organizations combines the structure of
a tax-exempt corporation with 501(c)3 status and the networking capacity
of electronic media. By including researchers, educators,
conservationists, and arborists under one "crown", links among these
groups can be more easily forged.

Some of the current core activities of the ICAN include facilitation of
the electronic mail bulletin board (subscribership of ca. 500),
circulation of the quarterly newsletter (titled "What's Up?") to ca. 1000
readers in 51 countries, organization of scientific symposia and meetings,
maintenance of a citations bibliographic database on scientific and
popular aspects of canopy science, and distribution of a canopy researcher
directory. Future activities include the initiation of an images library
(slides and video), serving as a repository for information safe access
and canopy sampling methods, and creation of interpretive materials for
school children.

The Board of Directors consists of six members who represent the
constituent fields of research, education, conservation, and
arboriculture. The Directors serve two-year terms and meet annually. Our
Advisory Council, which consists of up to twenty members, take part
in decisions on an ad hoc basis.

ICAN is a self-supporting organization, funded by subscriber dues,
donations, and grants. A regular annual subscribership costs US$30.
This provides the following services: 1) access to the e-mail bulletin
board; 2) four newsletters per year; 3) an annually updated directory of
ICAN members (over 800 listed in 1995); and 4) access to the
bibliographic database at ICAN headquarters. Subscriberships also support
other ICAN activities in research, education, and conservation. Student
subscribers may pay $20. Sustaining memberships are awarded to those
contributing $70 or more, and will be accompanied by a handsome
certificate with our logo. Dues and contributions are fully tax-deductible.

For more information on the ICAN, contact Nalini Nadkarni
<nadkarnn at>. To subscribe to the e-mail bulletin
board, type:
 "subscribe canopy <your name>" to <listproc at>.
To communicate to the bulletin board subscribers, type to <canopy at>.
If you have any questions regarding ICAN, please email
<canopy at>.

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