Ellobiopsidae-what is it?

Russ Shiel shielr at WATSON.CANBERRA.EDU.AU
Fri Oct 20 14:37:37 CDT 1995

Initial posting...
[snip]...a taxon called Ellobiopsidae. I don't know what this is....]

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Ben Waggoner wrote:
 [....the Ellobiopsida is a group of protists of rather uncertain
systematic position...]

Ben, according to Lee et al. (1985) the ?epibionts on fish and mussel
gills are members of the family Ellobiophryidae - is this the one
you're thinking of? ...solitary, stalkless protists...

Russ Shiel
Murray-Darling F/W REs. Centre

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