Holy War? (fwd)

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Wed Oct 25 10:11:26 CDT 1995

I think the below should be shared with all.

Cheers!!! rof

Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate in charge of Arthropod
Collections (UCFC), Biology Dept. University of Central Florida, Orlando,
Florida, 32816, USA. stuartf at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu

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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 09:09:04 +0800
From: A.Latiff Mohamed-LESTARI <latiff at pkrisc.cc.ukm.my>
To: Stuart Fullerton <stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU>
Subject: Re: Re: Holy War?

Dear Fellow taxonimists

We are from the less developed part of the globe with regards to IT. Some
of our herbaria could not afford the hard copies (journal), not even
NOVON of Missouri, let alone this idiotic machine called computer and
email. We have not been able to follow the publication of new things
called taxa and what more if you go electronics more would be left
behind. I guess it is great for pre-publication purpose but not for
actual publication. This idiotic jargon called electronic is too
dependent on electricity,mordem, availability of short-time schedule and
not user-friendly at all. It is still not the a priviledge to all
taxonomists in the Third and Fourth World.

Latiff of UKMB

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