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The UK Systematics Forum, an initiative set up with the aim of promoting the
coordination of UK systematics, published its 1994-95 Review on Friday 6th

The UK has particular strengths in the field of systematics - the science of
describing, naming and classifying all organisms - through the natural
history collections housed in our many museums, botanical gardens and
universities, and through the expertise associated with them. This science
is fundamentally important to the understanding and conservation of
biological diversity as well as underpinning areas of medicine, agriculture
and industry.

The Forum was set up in February 1994 with funding from the Office of
Science and Technology, and has since been involved in several projects, all
with the aim of promoting communication and coordination within the
systematics community. These activities include:

=B7 setting up a database of UK systematic expertise and current research,
=B7 a national workshop to discuss criteria for priorities in systematic
research and training,
=B7 a series of meetings aimed to coordinate the care of natural history
collections nationally.

As well as summarising these activities the report considers specific issues
important to systematics and natural history collections.

Professor Stephen Blackmore, Chairman of the UK Systematics Forum said:
=91This is an important document that helps to highlight the issues to a=
audience, explaining why the UK has a leading role to play in this field and
how the Forum works to help realise this potential. It will also help bring
the activities of the Forum to the attention of the wider systematic

Copies of the Review are available from E.Watson, UK Systematics Forum, c/o
The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, London, SW7 5BD. E-mail: (Internet)
ew at Information on the UK Systematics Forum will shortly be
available on the Internet, accessible from The Natural History Museum=92s=
Page (URL:

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