Attn. Herbarium Curators

Troy Weldy trweldy at VAXSAR.VASSAR.EDU
Wed Sep 6 09:51:52 CDT 1995

Dear Fellow Taxacomers,

This past summer I joined the faculty at Vassar College as a survey
botanist / asst. curator of the herbarium.  My primary responsibility is to
link the vegetation, soils, topography, etc. of the campus ecological
preserve onto a GIS (geographic information system).  As a side, I have
decided to computerize the herbarium and repair the damage that has been
caused by years of neglect.  A number of the specimens here are over 100
years old and are of historic importance.  Since this is still a relatively
new field to me, there is much I need to learn.  I would like to ask for
the assistance of the "more experienced" in the following:

        1)  Has anybody computerized their herbarium using Filemaker Pro as
both a database and label printing program?  I have modified a similar
program for Paradox 5.0 and have access to the Michigan St. Labels program
which uses dBase, but this campus is entirely Mac driven.  Setting up the
database with Filemaker Pro is simple, it is the label printing program
which appears more difficult.  Eventually, I would like to have the
herbarium on the www following the wonderful example set up my Connecticut
College  (

        2)  Where are the good sources for herbarium supplies?  I have
ordered summer supplies (i.e. blotter paper/felts) from Pacific Papers.  I
now need to order herbarium paper, glue, labels, etc. and do not know where
I should start.  This seems like a good place.  Obviously, I would like to
find the place where I can get the best price but I do not want this list
serv to become an advertising venue.

Any and all information will be appreciated.  If people are interested, I
would be happy to forward a summary of the information I gather.

                                                        Thank you,

                                                        Troy Weldy...
trweldy at

PS  I already do subscribe to Herbarium News.

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