Atlas GIS

Hesiquio Benitez Diaz hbd at HP.FCIENCIAS.UNAM.MX
Tue Sep 12 20:08:11 CDT 1995

Dear Netters:

Does any body can give to me technical information about Atlas GIS, or an
e-mail adress to contact providers?

few months ago several netters discused about it, so i will appreciate to
recover those messages or information about it

Thank in advance

Hesiquio Benitez Diaz                  * (525) 6-22-48-32               *
Museo de Zoologia "Alfonso L. Herrera" * (525) 5-54-43-32 CONABIO       *
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico* (525) 6-76-09-47 HOME          *
Facultad de Ciencias, A.P. 70-399      * e-mail hbd at*
Mexico D.F. 04510                      *                                *

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