hemp seeds & leaves

Thu Sep 14 18:49:48 CDT 1995

I sent this message to both TAXACOM and PL-TAXONOMY. I
apologize for cross-postings.
   For a molecular study on Cannabis cultivars, I am looking for
hemp seeds of certain and documented origin. As I am trying to
discriminate among cultivars with different contents of THC, I
would also need some fresh leaves (5-10 g of just collected and
quickly mailed material) of the same variety to extract DNA and
to measure THC from. However, this is not strictly necessary,
because if I receive seeds I can plant them and obtain material,
even if with some month's delay.
   Of course, as you may understand, documented origins and semi-
wild or ethnically used varieties are indispensable for my study.
   I understand that in some countries leaves, and perhaps also
seeds of hemp are restricted material. I can document my and my
institution's official status in any reasonable way.
    As I do not subscribe to this list, please, reply personally to
me (siniscal at vm.cised.unina.it), because I won't see any message
posted to the list.
    Thanking you in advance

                                    Yours sincerely

                              Prof. Gesualdo Siniscalco
                              Dipartimento di Biologia vegetale
                              Universita' degli Studi di Napoli
                              Via Foria 223, 80139 Napoli, Italy
                              FAX -39 81 450165

Universita' di Napoli              FAX  : +39 81 450165
Dip. biologia vegetale             E-MAIL: SINISCAL at VM.CISED.UNINA.IT
80139 Napoli Italia
ÿÿ    hemp seeds & leaves                                                     ,

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