hemp seeds & leaves

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Fri Sep 15 17:21:02 CDT 1995

Dr. Siniscalco wrote:

>As I am trying to
discriminate among cultivars with different contents of THC, I
>would also need some fresh leaves (5-10 g of just collected and
>quickly mailed material) of the same variety to extract DNA and
>to measure THC from.

I would just like to make the same request on my own (and my institution's)
behalf. And please include a big bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Many thanks in advance,

Gena "Jerry Garcia Lives" Gulamentum
Co-author (with Nick J. Squidfear) of "Who is Killing the Great
Phlebotomizing Dipterists of the World"

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