Name of Neotropical Primates

Ronaldo Alperin ronaldo at MARAJO.UFPA.BR
Fri Sep 1 11:40:08 CDT 1995

   TO ALL,

        I am looking for the correct form of the Neotropical Primates, if
you can help, please contact me.

Callithrix humeralifer or Callithrix humeralifer_a?
Cebus nigrivittatus or Cebus nigrivittat_a?
Callicebus personatus or Callicebus personat_a?
Callicebus torautus or Callicebus torquat_a?
Chiropotes albinasus or Chiropotes albinas_a?
Chiropotes satanas or Chiropotes satanu_s?
Saguinus labiatus or Saguinus labiat_a?
Ateles marginatus or Ateles marginat_a?
Cacajao calvus or Cacajao rubicund_a?
Pithecia irrorata or Pithecia irrorat_us?
Lagothrix flavicauda or Lagothrix flavicaud_us?
Lagothrix lagotricha or Lagothrix lagotrich_us?
Leontopithecus rosalia or Leontopithecus rosali_us?
Leontopithecus chrysopygus or Leontopithecus Chrysopyg_a?


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