Horrible key nomination

Joseph Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Sep 8 12:50:13 CDT 1995

I love these following examples

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Jef Veldkamp wrote:
> -. Species mihi cognitae
> -. Species mihi ignotae
> -. Bird sings its own name.
> -. Bird does not sing its own name.

How are you supposed to know whether a bird sings its own name if you are
trying to find out what the name is?
   Concerning the first example, I have
seen other keys from the early part of this century which seem to be
meant to group the species into convenient categories, not meant as a
formal taxonomy nor as a thorough identification guide. You may have the
nondichotomous arrangement

Flowers red
Flowers purple
Flowers blue
Flowers unknown

Customs have changed considerably since these kind of keys were in
widespread use.

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