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Kipling Will kww4 at CORNELL.EDU
Sun Sep 10 16:08:41 CDT 1995

Carabid search: (Coleoptera:Carabidae:Pterostichini:Abaridius, Abaris,

There has been several request for a list of taxa and ranges for the
Pterostichine genera I am seeking, so here it is:

Abaridius tachypoides [Brazil]; Abaris aenea [Columbia], A.aequinoctialis
[Mexico,Guatemala,Nicaragua], A.basistriata [Venezuala,Brazil], A.bigenera
[Mexico,Guatemala], A.splendidula [Mexico, SW USA],A.darlingtoni [Panama],
A.Notiophiloides, A.picipes, A.robustula [Brazil]; Pseudabarys brasiliensis,
P.robusta [Brazil], P.columbica, P.lebasi [Columbia], P.mexicana,
P.substriata [Mexico].

Thanks to all who have taken time to consider this...


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