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Richard A. Humber rah3 at CORNELL.EDU
Wed Sep 13 14:03:39 CDT 1995

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Dear Biocontrol Netters:

In the course of completing a review on fungal pathogens of the
Chrysomelidae, I find that I am having a hard time getting scientific
authorities for several names of chrysomelids occurring in South
America and elsewhere.

I would very much appreciate anybody on the list providing me (directly ...
no need to respond to the list) with the taxonomic authorities for:

                Diabrotica paranoense

                Mauobupis morosi        (subfamily is also needed!)

Both of these occur in South America. Other taxa for which I can't seem to
find the authorities are the following:

                Atysa marginata

                Chalepus dorsalis

                Chalepus signaticollis

                Cleoporus variabilis    (authority & subfamily needed)

                Colaspis hypochlora

                Crimissa                (subfamily needed)

                Diabrotica soror        (this MAY be an old name now
                                         syonymized with something else)

                Lamprosoma cupreatum (-a??)

                Oides leucomeluena

                Pachybrachis pallicarnis

ANY help I can receive from any of you would be MOST appreciated!

                                        Richard A. Humber
                                        USDA-ARS Plant, Soil & Nutrition Lab.
                                        Tower Road
                                        Ithaca, NY 14853-2901 -- USA

                                        rah3 at
                                        phone/fax:  (607) 255-1276 / -2459

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