Sabbatical in Paris?

Mr Fortuner connection modem fortuner at MATH.U-BORDEAUX.FR
Fri Sep 22 10:42:14 CDT 1995

If you are going to stay in Paris for a week or longer, I have a friend in the
rental business who can give you an interesting price for a hotel room or an
apartment. For example, a room with 2 single beds and a small kitchen just
next door to Moulin Rouge - if this is the kind of places where you do your
studies - is 555 French francs/day if you stay a week, 485 francs/day if you
stay a month. The corresponding prices for single-bed rooms with a small
kitchen are 425 and 365 francs.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail or
call (33) 46 70 36 52 for details.

Renaud Fortuner

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