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Bart Vanholder bvholder at INNET.BE
Mon Sep 25 21:40:55 CDT 1995

Dear Taxonomists,

I'm not a Systematist, but however concerned with the use of correct
spelling of scientific names. Recently I heard about the change there would
come in the epithets used in the scientific names of the species Synanthedon
Hubner (1819), Sesiidae (Lepidoptera).

 e.g. Synanthedon formicaeformis (Esper, 1783) would become S. formicaeforme
      Synanthedon myopaeformis (Borkhausen, 1789)  would be S. myopaeforme.

On the other hand species of other genera would remain as it was before
e.g. Chamaespecia tenthrediniformis (Dennis & Schiffermuller, 1775)

Now my question; It seems that the author responsible for this change in
names is calling article 31b of the Code as an explanation for this new
names. In this article I didn't find any clear explanation for this change.
As I think to understand that "formicaeformis" could be a correct Latin name
while formicaeforme doesn't seem me to be grammatically correct.
The word is derived from Forma, formae. I don't see any possibility in Latin
to get an ending in "forme". Maybe anyone put some light on this, as I
stated that I'm not a real taxonomist. Any ideas ?

please mail me at bvholder at as I do not regular read taxacom-discusions.
Bart Vanholder
Belgian Migrating Lepidoptera Survey
Droeskouter 33
B-9450 Haaltert
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