Illustrations in Watson's Angiosperm Families

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Tue Sep 26 16:08:46 CDT 1995

                                                             26 September 1995

> From: Don Thomas <dthomas at>
> Re the Watson and Dallwitz Families of Flowering plants. The graphics
> files are splendid, but unlabelled, so that one has to open each file to
> see what it contains! Surely there should be a binomial associated with
> each gif file?

The software has provision for labelling the illustrations when used in
INTKEY, and it will soon be possible to transfer this information to the HTML
descriptions. However, preparing the labels would be a substantial task, as
the names would have to be checked for current validity (most of the
illustrations are 80-140 years old) and kept up to date. For the moment,
Leslie Watson is giving higher priority to improving the family descriptions

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