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Benjamin Martin Waggoner bmw at UCLINK2.BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Sep 26 17:39:36 CDT 1995

I've found some references to a fairly recent report of living marine
"pro-onychophorans" found in India by G. Sundara Rajulu and N. Gouri.
Apparently there's some debate as to what they actually found -- it may
not be anything like an onychophoran -- but at any rate, I'd like to
see the original report for myself. Unfortunately, I can't find the
journal in which this was published anywhere in the University of
California system. If anyone has a copy of this paper, I would immensely
appreciate a Xerox -- I'll reimburse for copying and postage. The ref
Sundara Rajulu, G. and Gouri, N. 1988. Discovery of Pro-Onychophoran marine
worms: Description of the holotype. _Indian Zoologist_ 12: 61-64
There are some follow-up articles to this article, by the same authors
and in the same journal: vol. 14, 179-182 and 183-185, if my source is
right. I'd appreciate a look at them, too. Thanks y'all.

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