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OK, I've seen enough. Here's a tough one to top. From F.M. Hull's (1973) "Bee
flies of the world":

75. Large or small flies . . . .
--  Not such flies . . ..


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On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Mark K. Stowe wrote:

> (Apologies for cross-posting)
> I was skeptical at first but since it would be very helpful technology for
> a research project I am working on, I have done a lot of reading on
> Supertag and other rfid tags and I am now convinced that they will displace
> barcodes in most applications and will, to put it plainly, revolutionize
> the way humans organize and keep track of just about everything.  I would
> urge anyone who inventories anything to familiarize themselves with what is
> coming.
> However, I have also corresponded with the inventor of Supertag and with
> the president of the main American competition (Single Chip Systems in San
> Diego) and they indicate that there will be no commercial availability for
> 1 yr, and no easy availability for at least 2 years.  It will take a few
> years for the tags (which can be as small as 1mm by 5mm) to reach the
> predicted 5 cent level and the readers (capable of reading 100s of tags at
> once from a distance) the $30 level.
> Supertag has its own website:
> http://www.pix.za/business/rfid/supertag.html
> If the information there doesn't astound you and get you're imagination
> going, read about the bulkier 'tags' being built by a third company, Savi,
> in the article at
> gopher://gopher.enews.com:70/00/magazines/alphabetic/all/ain/Archive/010
> 195.1
> Supertag and Savi are getting all the popular press, but Single Chip
> Systems which seems to be avoiding publicity as much as possible, claims
> they will have a better product to market before Supertag.
> If you want to get the latest breaking news about this technology you might
> want to subscribe to AutoID News which also has all the ads/news about
> barcodes, as well as the usual plethora of annoying acronyms you find in
> most trade journals. They have their own site at
> http://www.enews.com:80/magazines/ain/
> They are supposed to have a more sophisticated site with links to all the
> AutoID companies, as well as primers on different technologies at:
> http://www.AutoID-News.com
> But it doesn't seem to be up yet.
> In the Sept. issue they are supposed to have a print out of all the
> relevant www sites.
> These companies envision tags in everything, and it's hard to predict when
> the factory capacity will be realized that can produce the trillions and
> trillions of chips that will be required.  But I wouldn't spend a fortune
> investing in barcode technology right now without a lot of soul searching.
> Best wishes,
> Mark
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