HELP!! - Fungus Removal from Bird Skins

Tue Sep 19 11:29:38 CDT 1995

Greetings from Mississippi,

I have a big problem, I hope someone can help.  I am an entomologist and
curate the insect collection here at Ole Miss (about 200,000 specimens).
Our building has had an attack of "the air conditioning is not working
properly" for about the past three years, and during that time, humidity
through has soared.  I use dehumidifiers (up to 9 -that's nine- gallons a
day removed from our collection room during the worst of times), but mold
has become a real problem.  I seem to be holding my own with the insects,
some can be cleaned, others tossed when necessary, and proper fumigants
used. However, in addition to the insect collection, I also take care of
(curate would be too strong) the 3000+ specimen Vaiden bird collection, and
I just found mold on some specimens, mostly feet.  What is the best way to
clean these specimens??  Unlike beetles, that can be given a bath, I really
do not know where to start with birds, but I must do something soon before
it gets totally out of control.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Paul K. Lago                                  e-mail-
plago at
Department of Biology                         phone - 601-232-7472
University of Mississippi                     fax   - 601-232-5411
University, MS  38677

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