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On Thu, 28 Sep 1995  Pedro Martinez wrote:

>Dear neters,
>I'm working with phylogeny and taxonomy of Parastenocarididae, a
>groundwater family of Harpacticoida, Copepoda, Crustacea.
>The family contained tradicionaly only one genus Parastenocaris, and
>this genus had different "groups" (groups of species). So NOODT (1963)
>in a paper writen in german, created the- so call-  "forficata-
>group" within the genus Parastenocaris. In the original publication
>NOODT wrote:

>Familie Parastenocarididae Chappuis
>Genus Parastenocaris Kessler
>forficata-Gruppe nov.
>Diagnose: ...

>and species belonging: 3 species + Parastenocaris forficata sp. n.

>In other papers NOODT cited the group as "forficata-Gruppe Noodt"

>Another author, JAKOBI (1972) published a revision of the family. In
>this revision the author spilts the genus Parastenocaris in 27 new
>genera. One of these genera is FORFICATOCARIS with the type species
>Parastenocaris forficata Noodt  (i.e. Forficatocaris forficata
>My question is which name is valid and who is the autor of the genus
>containing P. forficata as type species?

>Some authors have used in the 90's the genus Forficatocaris Jakobi to
>accomodate some new species.

>I think the paper of Noodt contains a nomenclatorical act, as he
>created a new subdivision of a genus in a paper considered a
>publication, gives a diagnosis and belonging species.
>Can NOODT's forficata-Gruppe be considered a valid name of the genus-
>Should "Forficatocaris Jakobi" be considered a synomym of "Forficata
>Noodt" ?
>Would "Forficata" be a correct spelling for a name of the genus-group?

>I would be very greatful for any help. At least half of Jakobi's new
>genera had as type species, a species that gives name to an existing
>"group" of species.

Names proposed for species-groups within genus are not considered to be
genus-group names. Article 10 (c) of the ICZN says that "a specific name
used for an aggregate of species denoted by a term such as "superspecies' is
not deemed to be a subgeneric name". In your case, the name
"forficata-group" should be also considered as a "specific name used for an
aggregate of species".
Besides, even if it were deemed to be a genus-group name,  the Article 23
(g) clearly says that "a name established expressly for a collective group
does not compete in priority with other genus-group names". Therefore, the
valid name for the genus is Forficatocaris Jakobi.

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