Joe Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Wed Apr 3 10:44:28 CST 1996

Sorry if I overstated my case concerning Suksdorf. I apologize if anyone
feels offended. I spent a year as Acting Herbarium Director at WS
(Washington State University, Pullman) where most of Suksdorf's personal
collection is housed, and I was only repeating what I was told there. The
man did, indeed, make significant contributions to the botany of the
Northwestern US, even if he was a bit overzealous about splitting.
Actually, I kind of envy Suksdorf, being able to devote so much time to
collecting. I wish I could collect as much as he did.
   Perhaps my example was less than ideal, but I hope my point remains:
the potential exists for abuse of a system in which people make money
from the description of new names.

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