request for help in reading GRIN entries

Gundega Korsts gkorsts at AGRONOMY.ORG
Mon Apr 8 11:50:30 CDT 1996

I need your help, please, on how to read the information in
the GRIN database.
     In a paper I am editing, a registration article for on pearl
millet [Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.] genetic stocks, I have
this incomplete nomenclatural reference: "The A4 cytoplasm was
transferred from a wild subspecies of pearl millet, subspecies
monodii (Maire) Brunken, obtained from ... Senegal."
     From the information I found in the GRIN database,
I resolved this as a reference to P. violaceum (Lam.) Rich.;=7F
syn. P. americanum subsp. monodii (Maire) Brunken. The author
thinks it should be P. glaucum only.

Here's my source material for the subspecies monodii, from the
GRIN database at gopher://

1. Under Pennisetum violaceum (Lam.) Rich.:
     Synonyms for species:
           Pennisetum americanum ssp. monodii (Maire) Brunken
           Nomen number: 313880. Protologue:
           Amer. J. Bot. 64:170. 1977 Comment: this ssp. has
           not yet been transferred to P. glaucum

2. Under Pennisetum americanum, most entries are transferred
to P. glaucum, but under P. americanum ssp. monodii (Maire)
Brunken I find this:
     Nomen number: 313880. Name verified on 11-Aug-1988 by
     Systematic Botany Laboratory. Last Update:
     21-Nov-1994. No species priority site
     assigned. No accessions for species. Protologue:
     Amer. J. Bot. 64:170. 1977 Comments: this ssp. has not
     yet been transferred to P. glaucum
     Synonym of: Pennisetum violaceum (Lam.) Rich.

Doesn't "has not yet been transferred" mean that the
P. violaceum (syn. P. americanum) name is the best (valid?) one?
And that P. glaucum is not correct?

Thanks for any light you can shed.

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