italicized latin names

John Trueman trueman at RSBS-CENTRAL.ANU.EDU.AU
Tue Apr 9 09:37:26 CDT 1996

>>On April 4, Alan Harvey wrote:
>>>I've been asked by our publications department (popular press) why
>>>generic and specific scientific names are italicized/underlined, but
>>>not any of the higher ranks.  To be truthful, I'd never really given
>>>it much thought.  The Z-Code recommends this arrangement, but doesn't
>>>give the underlying rationale.  Anyone know the story/history behind
>>>this (he asks, hoping the answer's not pitifully obvious)?

In Odonata (dragonflies), how else is one to distinguish between genus
*Lestoidea* Tillyard, and superfamily Lestoidea?  The latter is, of course,
based on type genus *Lestes* Leach.  *Lestoidea* conventionally is placed
in family Lestoideidae within Lestoidea, but placements outside of
Lestoidea have been suggested.


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