Electronic publishing

Joseph E. Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Sun Apr 14 13:49:24 CDT 1996

> From:  Marcus Kit Petz <mpetz at FS2.SCG.MAN.AC.UK>

> > Why don't we set up a Journal w could call it Taxacom. If te required
> number of members (subscribers to the list) agreed to print off 1  copy
> and archive it intheir Library we would meet the publkishiong
> requirements.

This does not satisfy the requirements of the ICBN as currently written.
It requires "distribution of printed material." Under your proposal, bits
of electronic energy are being distributed, not printed matter.  Printing
out the information coded by those bits is not the same as distributing
material already printed. There would have to be an ammendment to the ICBN
before this could be considered an acceptable means of publication of
plant names.
   Also, there is no "required number" of recipients of printed material.

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