Geoffrey Read Geoffrey.Read at ACTRIX.GEN.NZ
Tue Apr 16 10:09:53 CDT 1996

Craeymeersch, Johan writes:-
> In the database of the benthos of the North Sea held at our institute, we
> do have Lumbrineris tetraura and L. hibernica. [...]

These are polychaetous annelids. There is a list devoted to annelids from
which there will be a better response to such a question than is likely from

Johan, I recall forwarding a previous message from you to there. (And funnily
enough, last time I looked, you were a member of that list ;-)).

Here is the address for anyone else interested in polychaetes, clitellates,
and annelid allies.

   [ANNELIDA server address   = biosci-server at (un/subscribes)  ]
   [Discussion group address  = annelida at  (talk to all members)]

So send "subscribe annelida" in the body of a message to
biosci-server at to join up.

   Geoff Read <gread at>
   Annelida resources =>

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