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        This message showed up in a GIS mail group that I receive. I'm
forwarding it to Taxacom in case the atlas is of interest to colleagues. Gary.

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>Just published!!  "Atlas Estidistico Republica Argentina" (Statistical Atlas
>of Argentina) on CD-ROM plus beautiful 300 page color book filled with maps,
>tables and text.  Many will find this of great research and reference value.
>All data includes complete coverage of Argentina.
>With the Statistical Atlas of Argentina, discover, analyze and exploit more
>than 100 geographic views and associated information at the national,
>provincial and departmental levels, covering:
>--General Characteristics:  Political divisions, climate, hydrology,
>transportation (roads, railroads, airports, pipelines) and the national
>information network.
>--Demographic and Social Indicators:  Population, housing, education, health,
>emplyment, social security, free-time, tourism and recreation.
>--Economic Indicators:  Agriculture, mining, industry, energy, commerce and
>services, telephone communications, public finances and banking system,
>provincial exportations.
>--Selected Landsat TM satellite images.
>This CD-ROM not only contains geographic data and views in the above
>categories, but also all of the cartographic and tabular data to generate new
>maps using user-defined criteria.  For this, the CD-ROM also contains ArcView
>1, the software and tools to enable users to access, analyze and relate
>features in the geographic database.  ArcView 1 is provided on the CD with
>license, tutorials, FAQ and Help files.  Or if you have ArcView, simply import
>the data and explore Argentina!
>The CD-ROM was produced by INDEC (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos)
>and Aeroterra S.A. of Buenos Aires.  It is distributed internationally by WBA
>Trading Limited.
>Cost for the Atlas Estadistico Republica Argentina, on CD-ROM is US$200. or
>the BOOK including the CD-ROM is US$250., plus shipping and handling (US$6.50
>in US and Canada, US$10 to Europe).  Send orders to:
>        WBA Trading Limited
>        P.O. Box 2501
>        Kensington, MD  20981-2501, USA
>The new Atlas Estadistico compliments the Atlas de Suelos, also on CD-ROM
>produced by INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology, Ministry of
>Agriculture) and Aeroterra, S.A.
>The Atlas de Suelos (Soils Atlas) is also distributed by WBA Trading Limited.
>The CD-ROM contains INTA's previously published "Atlas de Suelos", complete
>with soils maps and scientific text with over 30 information fields in the
>soils database, plus profile and landscape photographs.  A wealth of very
>useful and reliable geographic data compiled from numerous sources includes:
>political units at Provincial and Departmental levels; over 1000 highways; all
>railroads by system and concessionaire; over 1700 population centers (all
>towns over 500 persons); airports (440, public and private); climatic types
>and precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure;
>groundwater basins; selected Landsat TM satellite images!  The cost for all of
>this, the Atlas de Suelos, is also US4200., plus shipping and handling.
>For questions or additional information, contact WBA Trading Limited, c/o

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